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My name is Gloria Wells and I am a mother who raises her child with joy and love with my husband Federico Vottre. I studied Economics and worked independently as a Media Buyer, so… I’ve been in the digital world for a while. In my free time I practice Aikido, a beautiful Japanese Martial Art that gives me a lot of energy and balance.

My beginnings

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I was born and raised in Italy, in the province of Monza and Brianza, a land of great manufacturing development and with the highest GDP in the country. Here I grew up with the famous F1 Grand Prix, in a city halfway between Milan, “economic capital” of Italy and the beautiful Lake Como.

I studied Economics and Marketing at the University, hoping I could get into a big company and start my career, but I didn’t.
Here we have not yet recovered from the crisis of 2008 and we had another crisis during 2020 (as for many countries) and this destroyed the Italian labour market.

So I had to get busy…

Many ideas, many projects

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I have worked in different companies, I have been a secretary in a dental office, I have worked in contact with the public… even, for a while, I tried to make the cake designer!

Had yes, in 2009 came out in Italy the TV series Cake Boss and many Italian women are literally crazy about the idea of making cakes and decorate them. Courses, masterclasses and books were sold and many unemployed girls like me tried to follow this path.

I must say, I was very good and I won some competitions, but then… interest in this market collapsed. In Italy no one can replace grandmother’s cake.

So I went back to Marketing and specialized as a Media Buyer.

I started selling online!

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One day, together with my husband, I decided to try to start an online sales business. So, after a little research, I decided to try the Amazon business model.

We chose to work in the niche of children’s products, we carefully selected manufacturers, managed imports and customs, logistics, SEO on product page etc.

And it worked out!
We have sold a lot of products that have become Amazon bestsellers and have had very few returns and very high reviews!
We were very happy, but… certainly not rich. Indeed….

This experience made me understand that the road was right, but that it was necessary to “simplify” the business model.

Same niche, many more products

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I asked myself: how can I stay in a niche that I love a lot and that I want to develop, without having to give all my money to others?

So I decided to open a vertical Blog that talked about all mother‘s needs (in the meantime I became a mother too!), children and family.

On my social networks, especially in my online community on the Telegram Channel, I discover every day and suggest new brands, products and offers for women and families.

My commitment is to grow as a woman, as a mother and as a wife and to help others like me develop their dream and have a life full of opportunities and experiences!

You can also find me on my Linkedin profile and on the Linkedin Mommy’s Cozy Nest page.